An enrollment with the Assumptionist Mass Association is a promise of prayer for both – the person enrolled and for you – the enroller. Each of you will share in the daily Sacrifice of the Eucharist celebrated by the Assumptionists, and in prayers and all apostolic works of all Assumptionists.

There are two ways to order a card or folder:

1. Order a Supply online FREE to keep on hand for your own mailing. When your cards arrive, you will write the name of the living or deceased person in the Mass Card and return the enrollment form with your offering.

2.Enroll Online now by filling out the online form or call the Mass Card Office at 617-783-0495 and we will send the Mass Card for you.

3.If you choose, you may also wish to have an individual mass celebrated specifically for your intentions or for loved ones and their intentions. We celebrate individual Masses just as soon as possible, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that they will be celebrated on a specific date. The usual stipend for individual Masses is $10.